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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  November 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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>> well, that's what's making ben: this morning, investigators are asking for your help to solve a million dollar crime. it could end up paying off. the big reward that's up for grabs. melinda: a big announcement from the milwaukee county transit system. the role social media is playing in a giveaway. ben: but first, we're on weather watch. november weather is creeping in. when we'll see a drop in temperatures. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 4:30 this wednesday, november 16th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. sal. sally: early today and tomorrow it is looking great.
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until then, temperatures 34 brookfield. 36 waukesha. 36 glendale. 42 bayview. away from the lake a little cooler. 38 fond du lac. 44 at mitchell. keeping an eye on the visibility this morning but you are seeing pretty good. early this morning a little fog up near the marsh area in dodge county. this morning otherwise most are looking at fair skies. it is a nice day today. sunshine and light west winds and mid 50s. record setting warmth for thursday or friday. melinda: when you're on the go, take the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. ben: right now, milwaukee police are looking for the people responsible for torching a bank and other businesses during the unrest in sherman park. it happened over the summer. this morning there's a big
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and we're getting a look at the suspects who broke into the b-mo bank on fond du lac. surveillance cameras recorded the suspects breaking into the building and lighting a fire. it spread and caused a million dollars in damage. once investigators track down the suspects, they could face federal charges. melinda: a five-year-old milwaukee girl killed in a hit and run crash. a suspect is in custody this morning and facing charges. rickyia langham was killed earlier this month near fond du she was laid to rest yesterday, the same day that a suspect appeared in court. this is sherman liddell. police say he was driving the suv that hit and killed rickyia. he's now facing two felony charges. police say he was driving with a suspended license. liddell's girlfriend is facing charges too for obstructing the investigation. she told police her suv had been stolen before the crash happened. ben: looking ahead now, an announcement is expected today for any of you who ride the bus
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a giveaway of some kind. it's to celebrate the second anniversary of the m-card. it's an alternative to using cash on the bus system. the announcement will be made at noon on the mcts facebook page. melinda: later today, milwaukee will welcome 24 new firefighters. that's how many recruits are set to graduate from the training academy. the ceremony starts at seven tonight. the recruits spent the last 16 weeks preparing facing mental and physical challenges. officially be part of the milwaukee fire department. ben: it's not too late to get a flu shot. that's the message that officials in waukesha county want to spread. city and county leaders will get flu shots today. the cdc recommends getting the shot by the end of october but people who missed that deadline can get the vaccine anytime during flu season which runs through january. melinda: imagine running into a store or restaurant only to come out and find your car gone.
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ben, you've been investigating this. ben: tow trucks lurking in local parking lots waiting to take your car. >> i mean, we had two last night, five this past saturday, probably 50 in the last two weeks, three weeks. ben: the reason behind the towing trend and how much it will cost you to get your car back. melinda: ben, this is not the city doing the towing? ben: no, these are private tow companies hauling cars away. people think they are being preyed on. see what happens when we confront them about their practice and the action the city is trying to take. watch our investigation tonight on wisn 12 news at ten. >> wisn 12 news time is 4:34 now. a parent's worst nightmare. melinda: the near-tragedy that was avoided thanks to a quick-thinking older brother and the lesson a mother is sharing this morning. ben: plus, it could happen to anyone. the random accident along a busy highway and how it could have
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sally: 44 degrees and we are looking at the conditions at mitchell international airport as the city awakens this wednesday morning. we have a couple of really great
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but today equal amounts of sunshine. 44 at the airport. light northwest winds. november makes a comeback this weekend with a storm system. i expect the temperatures friday morning in the 60s and falling with gusty winds and highs saturday 41 degrees. it is windy, chilly and raw for the christmas parade saturday morning. this morning patchy fog and fair skies and go up >> thank you, sal. traffic watch 12 here. this is 41, 45 at capitol drive. green for go. melinda: new this morning, a dangerously close call for a baby in florida. ben: the 11-month-old fell off a changing table but his nine-year-old brother caught him just in time. look at this.
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wow. look at how close that was. the mother says she had turned her back for just a moment, she was home alone with her five children. she's calling it a miracle and warning other families that this could happen to anyone. wow. quick thinking. he's getting something nice under the tree this year. ben: also new this morning, a burglar breaks into a pizza joint only to lose his pants. melinda: security cameras caught him walking around the maryland restaurant naked. police say the man climbed in through a roof vent and lost his pants in the process, apparently he then took off the rest of his clothes. then the suspect went after the cash registers but wasn't able to get any money out. although he did cause thousands of dollars in damage. and psychological damage to
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highway in florida. ben: a woman's windshield suddenly smashed because of a crowbar that went flying. angela smith says she heard a loud bang and something hit her in the head. she managed to pull over then realized that crowbar had flown through her windshield. the glass had slowed it down so the crowbar didn't hurt her badly. smith says she feels lucky to have survived. >> wisn 12 news time is 4:40. a little piece of wisconsin heading to the white house. melinda: the local tree that was chosen to decorate our nation's capital. what makes this the best tree in the country. ben: and a man on a mission to prove he's still alive. the mix-up that's causing a big headache for a 90-year-old man
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sally: 44 degrees at mitchell international and the dew point temperature is 39. watching the inland locations for the patchy fog, most are
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morning. light west winds. on the way to a nice november day. it is not staying around for much longer and exiting for us friday and into saturday. big time wind for the weekend and wintry as well. the high pressure is influencing the weather today and the highs mid 50s. ben: a lockdown at oklahoma city's airport after a southwest employee was shot and killed. it happened yestda police say the suspect is dead too from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. investigators say this was not a random shooting but they haven't found a motive yet. this morning the airport is back to normal. 25 flights had to be canceled during yesterday's lockdown. ben: a scary situation for students at a high school in utah. a student is accused of stabbing five other students and himself using a three-inch knife. all of the victims are expected to survive. police credit teachers for
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>> staff members had already placed themselves in harms' way, had already boxed the suspect into a concern of the locker room, suspect had a knife at that time, the school resource officer and other responding officers were able to tase him and take him into custody. ben: school officials say the suspect is a new student at the school. he'd been home-schooled before this year. the district says he has not had discipline issues before. the parents of the suspect have written tt melinda: protests still going on over a controversial pipeline in north dakota. the movement has spread across the country. yesterday people gathered in washington dc to protest the pipeline. it would bring oil from north dakota to illinois. the standing rock sioux tribe says the pipeline could poison their water supply. one of the protesters at the dc gathering former presidential candidate bernie sanders. >> we are not going to allow a
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depend upon. melinda: there were more protests yesterday in north carolina, oregon, minnesota and even here in milwaukee. right now, construction is on hold while the us army corps of engineers discusses the tribe's concerns. ben: right now, hate crimes rising in the u.s. stories of attacks, harassment and other hate crimes have been spreading on social media, especially since the election. according to the southern poverty law center, there have been 400 cases in the last week, but hateme since before the election. fbi data shows that hate crimes rose nearly seven percent from 2014 to 2015. attacks against muslims rose 67 percent. people on all sides of the election say they've faced harassment, but some democratic leaders are asking donald trump to speak out. >> stop hiding behind your twitter account and show america that racism, bullying and bigotry have no place in the
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>> in an interview on 60 minutes, trump asked people to stop the violence. melinda: when you filled in a circle last week voting for a presidential candidate, you were actually voting for an elector. they're local representatives who then cast a vote for the candidate who won the state's popular vote. you may have seen posts online encouraging those electors to choose clinton instead of trump. that's illegal here in wisconsin but it's not stopping people from contacting electors. one elector says he's gotten dozens of emails asking him to switch his vote. >> anytime you have someone who bothers to understand the electoral college, look up an elector's email address and then send them a private personal message or even a group message. think that that's that's somebody that's worth paying attention to. melinda: westrate says he's going to follow the will of the people and cast his vote for donald trump. ben: right now, a wisconsin fir tree is on its way to washington, dc. the tree from whispering pines
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white house christmas tree. it will be on display in the blue room. it's a balsam fir mix 20 by 12 feet. the tree was cut down yesterday. the owner of the tree farm says this is the biggest honor for his farm. >> we get to present to tree to michele obama and meet her in the white house. it is like a super bowl. it doesn't get any better. >> oh, a good the white house chose the tree after it won best tree in the country. wow. state leaders say this recognition is good for all of wisconsin. ben: looking ahead, today the wisconsin capitol's christmas tree will arrive. this is video of last year's tree. this year's was harvested up north in eagle river. once the tree is set up in the capitol building, it will be decorated with ornaments made by kids across the state. melinda: new this morning, families across the u.s. are getting in the christmas spirit by competing in a house decorating contest.
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returning for its fourth season is abc's "great christmas light fight." celebrity judges visit homes across america to see their extreme decorations. the judges told me the show might even help you deck your halls. can viewers that see the show get inspiration from their own homes? >> absolutely. most definitely. there's just so many different styles and unique touches and of course, technology is unbelievable now what you can do with christmas lights, and of course, melding the two. melinda: that's intense. melinda: "the great christmas light fight" premieres on monday night, december 5th right here on wisn 12. can't wait. ben: i remember a house i saw that you can turn the raid combroe to a certain station and
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that is cool. ben: melinda and i are hosting milwaukee's holiday lights festival kickoff live from pere marquette park at 6:30 tomorrow night. there will be music, fireworks and of course a visit from santa. if you can't make it downtown, you can watch it live here on wisn 12. very exciting. melinda: it is going to be a good time. sally: are you two ever lucky and all of the people. i forecast a high tomorrow of 65. the record is 69. some oe 69-70 degrees tomorrow. >> last year at this time, i had gloves, hand warmers. it was not a good thing. >> it is going to be beautiful. the tree lighting and everybodying on thursday. everything is falling apart on friday. saturday will be windy and raw and the cold air is on the way
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the north in canada and also to the north and into the pole areas. we are not getting the polar cold but certainly chilly air that is beginning to mover to the south. the jet stream is sagging to the south and much colder air and including wisconsin. big picture, high pressure, influencing us today, it is slipping to the east tomorrow and the winds shift out of the south and really climbing the mp temperatures for the most part 34 elk horn. 42 for racine. kenosha 43. sheboygan at 40 this morning. there we are, 40s. warm today, tomorrow and a fair chunk of friday before the cool front is beginning to move in. for today though, we are getting a few passing clouds overall. i am thinking mostly sunny skies.
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a few good how shalls on friday and a winds shift and windy and cold seasons. this storm system for us is windy and cold than wet. a few spotty showers. 55 today. 65 tomorrow. we could set a record tomorrow. 45 for tomorrow. 62 on friday. it is not lasting throughout the day. morning highs in the 60s, temperatures crash in the day and into friday. >> new from overnight, a deadly attack in afghanistan. four security troops are dead after a bombing in kabul. right now, the crisis in aleppo is getting worse. now food shortages and markets are bare as the vendors have run out of food. they are calling it a humanitarian crisis and the air
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>> new this morning, changes on the next drive to illinois. the state is giving the license plates a makeover. they are replacing the older plates with this new design. the vehicle owners receive a letter in the mail to qualify tr the new plates, if you still want them you can make the requests in january. >> a 90-year-old man in tennessee is on a mission to prove he's still alive. he used work for a utility company and thre he's dead and he got letters saying they are going to turn off his electricity. the company is saying it is straightened out and then the power was shut off and had to prove he's alive and living in the home of 40 years. >> if they treat an employee like this, how are they treating the general public. >> it is an error. it should have been corrected.
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happened. >> also, a ten-year-old girl is called a hero for saving the family from a fire in new york. she woke up in the morning and had trouble breathing and noticed the smoke and woke up her mother and the family rushed out of the house. the father was working at the time. diana called 911 and explained what had happened. >> my mom was glad i woke her the hospital right now. >> the first responders are proud of her. >> wisn 12 news time now is 4:54. changes are coming to the school year. >> a decision that could affect your child's schedule and what they wear to class. >> the milwaukee bucks are taking a political stand. what the team is doing to
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>> depression rates are rising among young adults and teens.
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increased from 9% in 2005 to 11% in 2014. the greatest increase was found among teen girls. >> women with a history of migraines are at a greater risk of suffering from a stroke in the future. they studied 900 women and those with a history of migraines were at greater risk of having a heart a >> yoyo dieting is a health hazard, a study found that those that lost and regained the weight with three times for likely to suffer cardiac death. weight sickling is linked to 66% higher risk of death from heart disease. >> the rate of pre-schooler diagnosed with adhd is
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the guidelines changed with treating and diagnosising kids and the therapy has changed. one in three children with adhd is diagnosed between the ages of four and five. the news continues right now. >> good morning, welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport. it is 5 november 16th. ben: right now, a looming decision in a murder case, what could sent brendan dassey free. >> huge crowds are expected downtown milwaukee later today. now to the traffic and the weather. sal? >> early morning temperatures 40s along the lake, cooler inland. we have the star shine.
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fog. we are getting throughout the morning with fair skies. high pressure is taking care of the weather today, tonight and tomorrow. the warm front is pulling closer to tomorrow and the temperatures warming up rapidly tomorrow to the 60s. this morning port washington 44. 37 beaver dam and west bend. fond du lac in at 38 degrees. feels more like spring. party sunny skies today. mid 50s. 40s tonight. and the record for tomorrow 69 degrees set i we are flirting with that record. >> sally, right now no complaints on the road. i-94 and county f, it is looking good there. the closier at moreland road. you can see, re-opened this morning. travel times... no crashes to report. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. 5:00.


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